All-time real baseball game player | Part 1

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1. Babe Ruth Jr.
Babe Ruth was a great pitcher, hitter and all-time leader in the real baseball game. He changed the real baseball game and dominated like no other player. He was played at Right field, left the field, and the left-handed starter. He earned AL MVP (1923), two-time AL All-Star (’34-35), Hall of Fame (’36). Babe Ruth was MLB’s all-time leader in slugging percentage (.342/.474 .690) and OPS (1.164), Hits,2,837 2,214 RBIs . He would have had another 40 to 50 home-runs in the 1925 season and he hit the record of 60 home runs in the 1927 season a record that stood until Roger Maris hit 61 in 1961 as a Yankee. He would have been a great manager as well but was never given the occasion because of prejudication. He was as good as a pitcher as anyone in either league at the time in his career as a Boston Red Sox pitcher (1914-19), New York Yankees (’20-34), and Boston Braves (’35). He saved the real baseball game because of the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal where people would have lost interest in the game if it were not for the Babe hitting home runs when others were not hitting them. Hit more home runs than entire teams in a season.He earned 714 home runs which have ranked third all-time. Ruth’s career ERA of 2.28 ranks third among starters since earned runs were officially kept in both leagues in 1913 (minimum 1,000 IP). Led by Babe Ruth championship his baseball team in Boston Red Sox (1915, ’16, ’18), New York (’23, ’27, ’28, ’32)

2. Willie Mays
Mays was the real baseball game’s best player to ever to put on a uniform. Willie Mays is the best position player ever when Babe Ruth was a great player. He could hit, catch, throw and run with the ability no other player had. As a hitter, he had to face perhaps the best pitchers that real baseball game has ever had, none the less, he ended his career with 660 homers playing in the immensely a huge Polo Grounds first, then in Candlestick Park, where the wind blew in from left field. Two years in the army at the summit of his career surely reft him of the sixty or so extra home runs that he needed to top Ruth. Also, he was calmly near Ruth’s career mark in 1955, but at some point, his manager, Leo Durocher, made the decision to told Mays to hit fewer homers and raise his singles and doubles production as Durocher thought that Mays was most conducive to the teams as a higher average hitter. He played in Center field The only player with the genius to do everything ( the hit for power and average, field, rocket arm, run — both speed and smart, and all the elusive) all at the highest level; super smart player also. Willie Mays played in two All-Star Games in ’59, ’60, ’61 and ’62, and have Played in New York Giants (1951-52, ’54-57), San Francisco Giants (’58-72), New York Mets (’72-73) and have won Rookie of the Year (1951), two-time MVP (’54, ’65), 24-time All-Star (’54-73),(played in two All-Star Games in ’59, ’60, ’61 and ’62), 12 Gold Gloves (’57-68), Hall of Fame (’79) and was Championships New York (1954). He was Leader .302/.384/.557, .941 OPS, 3,283 hits, 660 HRs, 1,903 RBIs in his career.

3. Hank Aaron
Hank Aaron was a famous real baseball game’s player his follower and fans. he will be remembered for good for all of the home runs, of course. While Babe Ruth was a great player, Aaron was the greatest hitter of all time. Because Ruth was a great hitter and a great pitcher, and Aaron was a great all-around player. he never hit 50 homers in a season, but he had lots of 40 homer seasons and had 3,771 hits in his career. He had a huge amount of doubles and he had nearly 100 triples in his career. He was playing right field, played Milwaukee Braves (1954-65), Atlanta Braves (’66-74), Milwaukee Brewers (’75-76), He earned 24-time NL All-Star (’55-74*), AL All-Star (’75), NL MVP (1957), three NL Gold Gloves (’58-60), Hall of Fame (’82)and played in two All-Star Games in 1959, ’60, ’61 and ’62.and was victory Milwaukee (1957) championship by leading Aaron.
Babe Ruth Junior, Willie Mays, and Hank Aaron is the famous player in the world, They have many fans and follower in the baseball game world.