Best or top 10 NFL games team ever( part 1)

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NFL games is the most popular game in the world and it is very enjoyable game for its fans. Now it is a good time to stir up the debate about which team is the greatest of all time.We’ve  collected our list below but we want to hear what readers think. Check out our list, then see how our readers ranked their choices for the greatest NFL team ever.

(1)    1985 Bears in NFL games

It was certainly cocky for the Bears to record the “Super Bowl Shuffle” video before the playoffs even begun but, to metaphrase an old saying, it is n’t cocky if you can back it up.Led by Hall of Fame coach Mike Ditka, the 1985 NFL game bears held regular season opponents to a total of just 198 (scoring 456 points while allowing) points en route to a 15-1 season. Chicago stormed through the postseason, shutting out their first two playoff opposition before thumping the Patriots 46-10 in Super Bowl XX.

And they blew through the playoffs, shutting out the Giants 21-0 and then the Rams 24-0 for the NFC games title. After the Bears destroyed the Pats 46-10 in the Super Bowl. It kind of felt like we were the team that the Globetrotters play all the time.

(2)    1972 Dolphins

The 1972 Dolphins team want acceptance as the greatest team of all time simply because they went through the regular season and the playoffs unconquered, finish with a 17-0 record. We don’t ignore this is a great reduction – a singular one in, fact. But this is finally a narrow contention.

Consider for example that the Dolphins played one of the easiest schedules in modern NFL game history. The opponent had a united winning percentage under 400. Unlike the 1985 Bears, the Dolphins didn’t movement through the playoffs. They beat the Steelers in the AFC title game by only four points 21-17, and were  going into underdogs the Super Bowl against the Redskins. Who they defeated 14-7, Undefeated underdogs? That means you’re not beaten, but you are beatable. We respect  the majestry of head coach Larry Csonka,Mercury Morris, Don Shula, Jim Kiick, QB Bob Griese , Garo Yepremian and the Dolphins boasted the league’s top-ranked offense and top-ranked defense in 1972, helping lead them to the only undefeated season in NFL game history. Miami’s Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris became the first running back tandem to each rush for 1,000 yards in a season. But the Bears would have beaten them in a head-to-head match.

(2)    1962 Packers

The Pack’s defense was prevalent in 1962, allowing less than 11 points per game and holding the Eagles to just 54 yards of offense in a regular season meeting and racked up 628 yards on offense. The champions’ offense was no slouch either, leading the NFL games in points and boasting the league’s top passer, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Paul Hornung, Max McGee, Boyd Dowler and top rusher Jim Taylor a great offensive line.

The preseason prognosticates what would come the Pack got through the six-game display schedule without a loss. Winning their first four regular season games by the unbalanced combined total of 109-14 then they got going for real. The Packers won six matches more before losing their 11th game to the Lions. That’s 16 straight  In their November 11 contest against Philly. In the NFL games championship against the Giants almost single-handedly shut down Y.A. Tittle’s offense, and Green Bay triumphed 16-7.


We are trying to select the best or top 10 NFL team all times in the world. Dear readers, please stay with us to see next NFL team ever.