Rugby Union Table 2017/18

Rugby Union Table 2017/18 | Updated

Aviva Premiership  European Rugby Champions Cup Group Table   European Rugby Challenge Cup   RBS Six Nation   Top 14   Rugby Championship

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Rugby League Rules

The Rules Of Rugby League

Each team consists 13 players who are divided as forwards and back, with 4 Substitutes, and played on a rectangular grass field of 120 meters in length and 58-68- meters in width. A match is 80 minutes long and consists of two 40 minute halves with the sides changing ends after half-time, And injury time

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National Rugby League Positions

National Rugby League Positions | NRL

In the national rugby league positions, thirteen players played on the field, with the four substitutes on the bench. Generally, players are divided into the two categories “forwards” and “backs”. Forwards are usually selected for their size and strength. The forwards player tries to run with the ball and attack and to make many tackles.

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rugby league challenge cup

Rugby League Challenge Cup | History

The rugby league challenge cup is most endearing competition in England. This prestigious competition is opening in 1897.The challenge cup is known as the Ladbrokes Challenge Cup and is the only knock-out tournament of its kind to include teams from all levels of the sport organized by the Rugby Football League. This historical cup is

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