FIFA Club World Cup

FIFA Club World Cup

The FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) organized an International men’s association football competition. It is also called FIFA club world cup. The competition was first contested in 2000 as the FIFA Club World Cup Championship. The competition was not held between 2001 and 2004 season. Due to a combination of factors and most importantly the Collapse of FIFA’s marketing partner International Sport and Leisure. Since 2005, the contestation has been held every year. and, has been hosted by Brazil, United Arab, Japan, and, Morocco.
The FIFA world club cup also reputation is realized quite separately in different parts of the football world. while it is broadly taken into consideration as the most prominent club level trophy in most of the world. And, it is tried to attract interest in most of Europe.

The first FIFA Club World Cup Championship held in Brazil in 2000. It ran in parallel with the Intercontinental Cup (also known South American / European Cup). A contestation created unitedly by the Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (CONMEBOL and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). First disputed in 1960 by the winners of the European Champions’ Cup and the Copa Libertadores. After the Continental Cup’s last edition, that, the contest was merged with the Club World Cup’s pilot edition. and, renamed the FIFA Club World Championship in 2005. The tournament took in 2006 its current name.

As of 2012, most teams qualify to the FIFA world club cup by winning their intercontinental competitions. And be it the Asian AFC Champions League, African CAF Champions League. And be North American CONCACAF Champions League, South American Copa Libertadores, Oceanian OFC Champions League or European UEFA Champions League. Aside from, the host nation’s national league champions qualify as well as.
The primary edition of this competition was divided into two rounds. The eight participants were divided into two groups of four teams. The victor of each group met in the final, while the runners-up played for third place.

The FIFA world club cup competition changed its format during the 2005 season. alongside relaunch into a single exclusion tournament in which teams play each other in one-off matches. With additional time and penalty shootouts used to fix the winner if necessary. It featured six clubs rival over a two-week period. There were three stages: the quarter-final round, the semi-final round, and the final round. The quarter-final stage pitted the African Champions League winners, Oceanian Champions League winners, the Asian Champions League winners and the North American Champions League winners against each other. Hereafter, the winners of those tournaments would go on to the semi-finals to play the European Champions League winners and South America’s Copa Libertadores winners. The winners also of each semi-final would play go on to play in the final tournament.

With the acquaintance of the present format. which now has a fifth place match and a place for the host nation’s national league champions. the format slightly changed. There are now four stages, the playoff round, the quarter-final round, the semi-final round and the final round. The first stage pits the host nation’s national league champions against the Oceanian Champions League winners. The winner of that stage would go on the quarterfinals to join the African Champions League winners, the AFC Champions League winners and the CONCACAF Champions League winners. The winners of those games would go on to the semi-finals to play the UEFA Champions League winners. as well as play South America’s Copa Libertadores winners. The winners of each semi-final play each other in the final.

The present format of the FIFA world club cup tournament involves seven teams rival for the title at the ground. The winners of that year’s, for example, CAF Champions League (Africa), AFC Champions League (Asia), Copa Libertadores (South America). And, winners CONCACAF Champions League (North America), OFC Champions League (Oceania) and UEFA Champions League (Europe). Along with the host nation’s national champions. Also, participate in a straight knock-out tournament. The host nation’s national champions dispute a playoff against the Oceania champions. From which the winner joins the champions of Asia, Africa, and North America at the quarter-finals.

The quarter-final conquerors go on face to face the European and South American champions. Moreover who go into at the semi-final stage, for a place in the final tournament. Barcelona holds the record for most triumphs. and, winning the competition three times. Corinthians’ initial victory remains the best result from a host nation’s national league champions. Teams from Spain have won the tournament five times, the most for any nation. Barcelona demands the record with the most wins (7). Necaxa, Corinthians, Real Madrid and Kashiwa Reysol have the most draws (2). while Al Ahly has the record of the most losses (7). Barcelona also holds the record for most goals scored in the competition (23). while Al Ahly demands the record of most goals recognized (15). Barcelona also has the best goal otherness in the competition (+20).

Pep Guardiola is the only head coach winner of the three FIFA world club cup. As of the end of the 2016 tournament. Auckland City has played the most games with 14 in eight different tournaments. Also, Barcelona holds the record for scoring the most goals, playing eight games in four different editions and scoring 23 goals. In conclusion, the current champions are Spain’s Real Madrid. Who defeated Japan’s Kashima Antlers 4–2 in the final of the 2016 edition, to win a second title in the competition. European teams have been the most successful, with nine titles. Please with us to see next post