The growth of the Rugby games part-3 / how rugby become popular

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The popularity of rugby spread in Southern hemisphere countries like Australia, New Zealand so fast.


 In 1874, the South American Football Union Rugby was formed in Sydney. There were only five clubs of this games played at that time, but in 1900 there were 79 clubs with a high-level and four youth competitions. Rugby Union Metropolitana later Wales New South Rugby Union (NSWRU) was established in 1897 to operate league competitions in Sydney and invention a district system that led to increased interested viewers. By the 1880s, matches among teams on behalf of New South Wales and New Zealand began as rugby in Australia largely limited to the big cities of the east coast of Sydney and Brisbane. The Australian National Rugby Union was not created until 1949. In other parts of Australia, As the Leading sport Australian football had already recognized itself.

The issue of payment to players emerged in Australia in early 1900, focusing in special on reparation for injured players. Alex Burdon was a Barber injured his shoulder in July 1907. On the other hand, the NSWRU ignore to pay who are the damages. With clubs, working class emerging from rugby to play with the new rules of rugby league in Sidney began a competition in 1908. The first players of the league in Australia traveled Britain in 1908-1909, followed by a tour of Britain in 1911-1912, establishing international links between North and groups derived from the Southern Hemisphere. Sydney and Brisbane are the main centers of rugby league in Australia, although widely played in cities and towns across the country and has huge viewers of this games in Australia.

New Zealand

The first rugby game of New Zealand was played in Nelson in 1870. Though, rugby spread slowly due to problems of handicap and meager population and the New Zealand the Rugby Football Union was not founded until 1892. New Zealand “local” Tour (1888-1889) of Australia and the British Isles was organized by a businessman interested in exploiting perceptions of the British population foreign Maori of New Zealand. A team cools mostly of players Maori Tour of Britain, winning 49 matches of their 74  including many games against clubs in northern England, which largely formed of players from the working class and had become the best club teams in the country. In 1902 Ranfurly Shield was presented by Earl Ranfurly Governor of New Zealand, to provide as a trophy for a competition opponent between regionally rugby teams. In 1903 New Zealand played a truly national Australian team for the first time.

The national team of New Zealand known as the All Blacks for their black uniforms defeated a British national team visit in 1904, and the first tour of all blacks from Britain, France, and North America the following year, it recorded a captivating 34-1 record. Victory in international teams sheltered by strong domestic created the backbone of New Zealand rugby and contracted its place as the top of the sport in the country.In fact, there are few countries whose national identity is so tied to a single sport like New Zealand is rugby. Pride in the country its history and culture intermix in madding Zealanders support for the All Blacks, legislate a ritual before every game that is the presentment of the national spirit; the haka, taken from the internal Maori culture of the country is a traditional war dance and song that inspires all blacks, while issuing a challenge to their rival for the battle. ConclusionRugby games are most popular games New Zealand and Australia. Its popularity is

Its popularity is expanding rapidly Southern hemisphere countries like Australia and New Zealand.   For more about this games please follow our next article, thanks a lot.