The Growth of the rugby games, rugby becomes popular same more countries quickly part-2

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Rugby games become popular same more countries quickly, we have tried to list them here.

Rugby of France

Rugby football was amplified more mildly out of the British Empire, although it was played in France since early 1870. There were 20 or more French clubs in 1892, especially around Paris. The game spread rapidly to cities in the south as Bordeaux, Lyon, and Perpignan, where it became the most popular team sport. For forming the Five Nations Championship, France had joined with the British Home Championship in 1910. In France, the game is controlled by the Union Francaise de Sports Athletiques a multisport group from 1887 and the French Rugby games Federation since 1920.The French attitude to professionalism were much more expedite than in the British Isles, which led to the unions of the Home Nations break off relations with France in 1932, although they were recovered in 1945. France broke with the traditional exercise British in rugby union situated the series of “friendly” games instead of the official union competitions and in 1892 formed a national club championship. Finally, France was agreed with IRB in 1978, to join with Wales, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand.After the breakage  inconsistent with the Home Nations in 1932 by issues of professionalism. France permeated  rugby league that known there as the name is  jeu à treize which means game of thirteen. In 1934 the French rugby federation, French Ligue de Rugby games XIII was created. In France, it is hugely limited to the southern part of the country like rugby league match. The game of rugby league was banned by the Vichy government in France during World War II. But the sport made a comeback in the postwar era. Rugby of Italy In the Italy, the rugby also acquired a foothold in the 1920s. The Italian Rugby Federation was established in 1928. With the support of the big clubs companies started to arrange payment for players in their club competition in the 1980s, and major international player like Naas Botha of South Africa, David Campese Australia, and New Zealand John Kirwin played rugby in Italy. Italian rugby games developed considerably and attached the Five Nations Competition in the 1990s and in 2000, then it was renamed as Six Nations.  Rugby of Canada and the United States

Before the 1870s rules of rugby emerged in North America and were used in a famous game between McGill University in Montreal and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1874. In 1876 representatives of Harvard-Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and universities formed the Intercollegiate Football Association, which in general according to the 1871 rules of the RFU. Rugby rules were changed soon in the United States and later in Canada, however, to create different football codes football were played in North America. Rugby games enjoyed a renaissance from 1905 on the Pacific coast, after football soccer field it was banned there in the aftermath of a public furor over ferocity and deaths and injuries player. Rugby remained there after the grill popular sport was refunded to its pre-eminent position. West Coast players mostly determined by national rugby teams that won in the Olympic Games of 1920 and 1924, after which he dropped rugby as an Olympic sport. Rugby also retained a foothold in British Columbia in Canada. In the 21st century, a huge ratio of the players in the US and Canadian national teams came from the region of the West Coast.


Rugby football games are the most popular game in the world. Rugby football grew up rapidly its popularity in France, Italy, Canada and United States.


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