Rugby games and its grown up form the began part-1,

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We have tried to discover the history in the previous article how the game became popular in Europe and many other countries.
Rugby games spread quickly from its elitist origins in England, Scotland, Ireland and the middle and working-class men in northern England and Wales and the British colonies in South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. It also spread to North America, where it became a new style of football.


North Hemisphere


Unlike association football (soccer) covering payoff of the players and the league in the 1880s and the RFU obstructed steadily professionalism cup tournament and leagues, although rugby international competitions began between England and Scotland immediately. As soon as the six-year Scottish clubs talk about the creation of the RFU, issued a challenge to Scottish clubs for a party to be held in Scotland on March 27, 1871. The Rugby match was played in front of 4,000 observer’s with each facet go lead or try, if only Scotland could make the attempt with a goal (see below game development). Ireland, England, and Scotland began in playing1875 and 1877. The three national teams are known as the “Home of Nations.” Notably. The rugby club in England remained particular until the last decades of the 20th century and as a result, international matches had a special meaning.


Northern England and the subdivision 

Rugby was organized separately in the England than in the south. The teams became the focus of civic arrogance and league and cup competitions began rapidly in Yorkshire. Rugby games spread throughout Yorkshire for Cumbria and parts of Lancashire. Many working-class men were playing in the mid-1880s northern clubs campaign for payments in broken time for his players and working class who lost working time in order to play. Things came to a head at a general meeting of the RFU 1893, where the legalization of broken time payments was defeated by the clubs in the south, which was controlled by most of the votes. In the town of Huddersfield in Yorkshire on August 29 in 1895, 22 of the top clubs in northern England resigned from the RFU and created Football Union North Rugby, in rugby games who became the Football League of northern combined with the Northern Union, but failed in efforts to extend it’s in rugby in 1922.



A clubs were established as clubs of the city in Wales in communities of large and small mining towns during the 1870s and ’80s. Many early players had some experience playing in northern England and took their interest with them to Wales. In the early, 1880s rugby had become an essential part of the culture of the working class in South Wales, which distinguishes the game about his elite class association in other parts of the British Isles. Wales had a big amount of immigration in the 19th century and rugby games emanated at this time as a focus of a new modern Wales nationalism. As a result, the Wales Rugby Union formed in 1881 and soon entered the start Wales Championship, which competes with England, Ireland, and Scotland and won their first title in 1893. Rugby was focal point identifying of modern Wales, especially in the period between the mid-1960s and early 1980s, when players like Gareth Edwards, Barry John, Phil Bennett, Gerald Davies, J.P.R. Williams, and others keep Wales in the top of the northern hemisphere in rugby games.



Rugby game is a famous game in the world it is played in the western country actually in England, Ireland and Scotland also played in NewZealand Australia and British colonies of South Africa.


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