The Rules Of Rugby League

Rugby League Rules

Each team consists 13 players who are divided as forwards and back, with 4 Substitutes, and played on a rectangular grass field of 120 meters in length and 58-68- meters in width. A match is 80 minutes long and consists of two 40 minute halves with the sides changing ends after half-time, And injury time is added on at the end of each half. The purpose of the game is to score more points than your Rivals. To Earning Points, You must enhance score by tries and kick goals.


A try’s value is four points, A try will be Score when the ball has reached the ground the try line of the opponent team.


A conversion’s value two points, when you will attempt a try you ‘LL get an extra opportunity to score points by kicking the ball from any position directly related to where the try was scored.


When you kick the ball between the opponent’s goal posts and on the crossbar, you will get a Score, if it’s from conversion, a penalty kick or a dropkick.

Penalty Kick

Penalty Kick value is two points. If an opposing player breaks a regulation of rugby game, you are given an awarded a penalty kick can take a kick at goal and will earn two points if successful.


A scrum is formed up to six players from each team to restart the game in any circumstance, and Each team can be part each side’s scrum.  After forward a pass, knock on or the ball going over the sideline and into touch than a scrum can be awarded.


A drop kick or field goal is value one point when you kick the ball at goal during play you will get one point. But you should drop the ball instantly from your hands to the ground and kick immediately the moment it jounces, above the opponents’ crossbar.


After a toss in front of the two captains and referee, the game is started by a toss winner kick, the ball is put on the halfway line and must be kicked forwards beyond the opponents’ 10m line.


After a completed tackle, the defending team must retreat 10 meters from the point at which the tackle is made. If a defender cannot retreat 10 meters interferes with play, so it’s will be a foul and will result in a penalty to the attacking team. Even, if a defender moves forward too Fast Earlier on the ball is played, then this will also result in a penalty to the attackers.

Forward Pass

A player may pass the ball behind him and may pass directly across the field to the goal line. But he cannot pass the ball to a teammate. if he passes the ball to the teammate, will be given a scrum to opposition team.

A Knock-on

If an attacker Loses domination of the ball and it goes forward or hits the ground or another player or on another player catch the ball that is called A knock-on.


When the defending players try to refrain from scoring attacking team it is called tackling. Per team gets six tackle chances of preventing the opposing team, if you try higher to tackle you awarded a penalty.


When a player is obstructed from taking part in the playing of a player without the ball is called obstruction. If the defender starts touching, it will not be regarded to be an obstruction.

40/20 Rule

When you kick the ball must be behind your side’s within  40-meter goal line And then Jump the ball into touch the sidelines of the field of play opponent’s 20-meter  goal line. If the ball hits the ground within the field of play it will be awarded to the kicking team.