How to speed up NFL Games/ how to minimize time at NFL games

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NFL games a regular season is the most entertaining games in the world but it is annoyed for his fans, for taken too long time. The average NFL game is more than three hours long for, endless commercials, video replays, timeouts,  It has taken too long time, and fans are becoming tired. So it’s time for a reconsidered  that how to speed up NFL

Here are few  ways to speed up

  • Fewer and faster video reviews: A discernible 23-yard Pittsburgh pass play was inverse after a review dragged on for more than three minutes delayed in the first half on Sunday.But the ex-quarterback turned Fox commentator, Troy Aikman had already said: “That looks pretty easy for me to determine it’s incomplete.” A replay official in the booth or even at NFL games headquarters could have easily been used to make that call quicker.fewer and faster video reviews is very in important to reduce the time of the games
  • Reducing time between play. The NFL command a maximum of 40 seconds between the end of a play and the cakewalk of the ball for the next play. Sunday’s Cowboys-Steelers game contained 125 official plays from skirmish and seven kicks, so even decrease the between-play limit to 35 seconds might have waned the time of that game up to 12 minutes.

(3)  Active the clock earlier after imperfect passes: Stopping the clock on imperfact passes until the next cakewalk makes no sense anymore that would be a fundamental coordination. Since the NFL games have plenty of footballs, and no one has to follow a loose ball to restart play. So how about running the clock after spotting the ball at the line of skirmish? This would alter the strategy of a losing mastermind spiking the ball late in the game to kill the clock, of course, but imperfact passes chew up an astonishing amount of real time.

(4) Two-minute warnings: The two-minute warning was said to invent as a way for the scoreboard operator to accord time with the on-field official who kept time but the scoreboard has been official for nearly 50 years and the two-minute warning was kept as a break for commercials. College football somehow outlives without them, and its games are even longer.

(5) Select the chain gang: NFL games officials have said they don’t want to do this because it is such a traditional part of the game but the technology now subsists to use some shape of laser beams for faster and more proper metering and dispel the need to stop the clock until the chain gang can Bustle up to the new line of scrimmage after a long play.

6) Lower time outs: How about four per game in lieu of three per half?  How about one replay challenge per coach per game in lieu of two, (or even three if the coach is correct on the first two)?  Or how about a penalty in exchange the loss of a time out on an incorrect challenge?

7)  Compressing the “pods”: Advertisements are the true time-sucking accused. The first 10 minutes of play Sunday comprised no commercial obstacles, as did the last two minutes but a 16-minute real-time slow down late in the first quarter Sunday comprised four commercial breaks with nearly 20 separate ads.

The Steelers took a 12-3 lead with 1:13 left between the time in the first quarter and the end of the quarter Sunday. there were 44 seconds of original action – spread over 16 minutes of actual time. Two of the six plays from scrimmage in that span were wiped out by penalties.

Would be a good start trimming those “pods,” of course especially considering the commercials tendency to repeat themselves. The league or the networks don’t want to lose commercials because that would also mean a loss of revenue.


(8) Adding publicity in another way. Consider of other professional sports. Maybe the NFL games would not want publicity sewn on uniforms, as in soccer or ads painted project on to the field, as in hockey, but ads could be placed in the corners of TV screens – even sponsors for a quarter or a half.

Soccer also offer to advertise on far-side boards but benches for NFL games is on the side of the pitch or rink. NFL games benches are so much longer that it would be difficult to put both benches on the same side of the field to make room for the boards


(9) Give defensive backs relief:


After every pass, players, coaches and fans swirl their heads around like the little girl in “The Exorcist,” looking to see if a flag has fallen in the NFL Games


(10) Continue to focus on player safety:

Injuries are up. Many results in long clock stoppages, which slow games down, and the connected effect turns people off. It’s depressing to see so many guys go down


There are many ways to speed up the NFL games. Authorities should take proper steps to speed up in NFL games