All time best NFL games player ever part 2 / Best NFL Football players ever

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After the first part, here is the remaining selection of all time best NFL games players ever.

  1. Lawrence Taylor LB, 1981-1993

Lawrence Taylor was the best maddest of all mad men at NFL games. Because of his pure explosiveness, Taylor was the NFL game’s paramount Protective arms. Taylor lined up all over the field to sell out his body, force turnovers, and demolish careers in the 3¬-4 scheme. Taylor was too powerful for blocking backs and too fast for plodding tackles to comprise coming off the side at the line of scrimmage. which is still good for tenth all-time. Taylor recorded 132.5 career sacks in 13 seasons in NFL games with the New York Giants – a disgruntled number by today’s standards set by Bruce Smith and Reggie White – but don’t let the numbers fool you. He revolutionized the art of sacking the mastermind. He was a 6-foot-3, 250-pound outside linebacker with scintillating speed and power, and he is completely reckless. Bill Belichick (Patriots Head coach) once said of his former charge. “I have never seen a player sell out so completely to make a play. Taylor could also drop back to man up against running backs into the flat in coverage. Taylor attended to hate all comers who wore protesting jerseys. He changed aggressive schemes through pure intensity. Today, we can actually credit a linebacker for the evolution of the single¬back creations, double tight ends, and lopsided lines. These aggressive packages hugely vestige their roots back to Joe Gibbs and his gimmick creations planned to contain No. 56.

  1. Walter Payton RB, bears, 1975-1987

Walter Payton would take the inside handoff and juke a bolting Protective lineman with a quick rotation move before throwing his knee into the chest of a stunned linebacker in the hole. He only outworked everybody else. At 5-foot-10 and 200 pounds, Payton was neither a physically interesting, bruising back, nor was he blissful with track star speed. On the playing field, the man they called deliciousness was famous for his iron will to end off runs in the image of his lunch-pail work ethic and lunatic fitness program. As a witness to his stability, Payton possessing the running record books at the end of his 13¬-year career with the Chicago Bears. By retirement, he had racked up 16,726 rushing yards and 110 total touchdowns. As a true workhorse back, Payton led the NFL games in carries for four consecutive seasons between 1976 and 1979. In 1977, He carried 3,838 times in his career and there were probably only a handful of attempts where he didn’t finish the run, or bleed every ounce of yardage possible out of the hole he was provided, and carried the football 339 times to run roughshod over the competition for 1,852 yards and a 5.5 yards¬ per ¬carry average.

  1. Johnny Unitas, QB colts,1956-1973

Johnny Unites was the master of the two-minute drill, and his performance in the 1958 grace period NFL games title remains mythical. He was as American as apple pie, with his first-generation tradition crew-cut hairstyle and black high-top shoes. At quarterback, Johnny Unitas was credited for authoring the two-minute drill and fourth-quarter comeback. As a virtual coach on the field, Unitas called his own plays to select aloof obstacle entirely his 18¬-year career. Of course, will for good be eternalized as a Baltimore Colt. Leading the NFL games in passing on four apart occasions and victory the league MVP award three times. Johnny Unitas was to end his career with 40,239 passing yards, which is still good for 14th place on the all–time list. Johnny Unitas’s statistics are even more captivating ¬¬when you consider the fact that he was a quarterback during the 1950s and ’60s, prior to the appearance of five-¬wide sets, the shotgun spread and all other pass¬-happy gimmicks. That NFL games pitted a total of 17 Hall of Famers against each other, both Baltimore Colts and New York Giants, for the 1958 championship malignity match. Late in the game, Unitas arranged two different 80-¬yard leads to send the contention into overtime on a short field goal and claim the title for Baltimore on a 1-¬yard touchdown lead by Alan Ameche. As the winning quarterback, Unitas went 26-40¬¬ for 349 passing yards and one touchdown. In doing so, the Comeback Kid laid the groundwork for the likes of John Elway, Joe Montana and Peyton Manning.


Lawrance Taylor, Walter Payton, and Johnny Unita are the greatest player in the NFL game world. They are very famous as the offensive and aggressive player in the NFL games.