All time best NFL games player ever part 1 / Best NFL Football players ever

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It is always difficult to select only few player to form NFL games all-time best players, based on performance, public choose and some others issue we have selected the following:

  1. WR Jerry Rice 49 ers

Rice is the NFL games all-time leader in receptions, by every qualification. He was the greatest wide receiver of all time. He had the best hands, ran the most proper routes, and played as the premier game-changer after the catch. Jerry Rice is the San Francisco Treat, and may even hail as the best blocking wide receiver of all time. And as an NFL bootstrapper, he serves as another cenotaph to hard work.

Everyone knows the numbers that Jerry Rice has put up – among them NFL games records in touchdowns (208), receptions (1,549) and receiving yards (22,895). Rice’s career and statistical records are very exciting, as he confirmed to be a lock for 80 catches, 1,000 yards, 10 touchdowns, and one Pro Bowl ticket to Hawaii for 13 seasons. He was a threat to score on every play.

Rice earned his position in the offseason, he would shock the arduous hills of Northern California, lift weights twice a day, and run wind sprints until he had nothing left¬¬ for fun. Before he had even ranged onto the field,  Jerry Rice and his will to work had already ruined many an opposition.  In 2010, NFL Network’s “Top 100: NFL games greatest players” placed  Jerry Rice at No.1.

  1. RB Jim Brown — Cleveland Browns, 1957-1965


Forty years after his heinous retirement at the top of his career of NFL games and now only second on the all-time rushing list. Jim Brown still ranks as the standard against which all other running backs are surveyed. In only nine seasons, and playing largely with a 12-game schedule and  Brown played in an era with just 14 teams in the entire league, he runs for 12,312 yards. His 5.2-yard average remains the best among the game’s top 20 all-time rushers. An awesome combination of animal force inside the tackles entirely penalized tacklers, but still, could outmatch defenders in the secondary. With the exception of 1962, Brown led the NFL games in rushing every year between 1957 and 1965. In 1963, he torched obstacle for 1,863 rushing yards on only 291 carries, which remove into a 6.4-yard-per-carry average

3.QB  Joe Montana–49ers

Joe Montana can lay demand to four Lombardi trophies and three Super Bowl MVP awards.  Famous for his quiet confidence, Joe Cool pointed out John Candy in the Super Bowl XXIII stands while his teammates crowded up. After breaking the ice, Montana had his 49ers on the march before he winnowed the game-¬winning toss to John Taylor on a level route into the finish zone. Montana was not your classic Golden Boy mastermind. Out of Notre Dame, Montana’s draft stock plummeted  NFL games scouts questioned his size, arm strength, and general embonpoint. Montana glides all the way down to the third round ¬before Bill Walsh got his man with the 82nd in total pick in the 1979 NFL Draft. Montana, because of his ability to deliver the football with clearness and touch, was a perfect fit for the proper timing of the West Coast crime.

In the fertile West Coast offense, Montana could dump off short passes to the likes of Jerry Rice, Roger Craig, John Taylor and Tom Rathman, and let his recipient go to work with runs after the catch. Although Montana and his 49ers are historically considered as a ticker cluster, this group displayed its brawn in innumerable regress triumph and cold-weather playoff bloodbaths. Before the Super Bowl trophies, Montana confirmed his vigor to the world with his beatdown of the 1988 Chicago Bears against the background of single¬-digit temperatures and the revolving winds of Soldier Field.


NFL games are the most popular game in the world, it has the very famous player in the NFL team and they have many followers in the world.